Apply AAdhar Card Online

A systematic approach to apply for Aadhar card

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Why Aadhar:

  • All we know the importance of Aadhar and how much it is required in our daily life.
  • Merely it does not satisfy the need of an identity and address proof to an individual, it also helps in getting the LPG subsidy, in opening A/c, getting passport and much other purpose.
  • If you have not enrolled yourself for your Aadhar card, its high time that you should enroll yourself for the Aadhar card.
  • Getting an Aadhar card is not a tough job at all. Just follow the article here and it will help to get your Aadhar card.
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How to get the Aadhar card:

  • The competently authority to issue the Aadhar card is UIDAI.
  • The UIDAI has opened various Aadhar card center across the cemetery from where you      can get your Aadhar card.
  • Prior to apply for an aadhar card you have to make sure that you have a valid Id and address proof, so that with these documents you can approach to the Aadhar center.
  • Take an application for the aadhar card, fill the form in all respect, along with an ID proof and address proof approach the Aadhar card center. Where the operator will take your thumb impression, IRIS and photo so that the aadhar card can be processed.
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Mode of application:

  • As far as mode of application is concerned, only offline mode of application is there to get the aadhar card. As of now the online mode of application has not been implemented by the UIDAI.
  • In case of offline mode, you have take an application for the aadhar card and the application has to be filed in all respect.
  • When it comes to the form of Aadhar card, it can be download from the below mentioned site.

  • Ys, the application is also available in the local languages also. You can pick the form in your preferred languages.
  • Once the form is ready, proceed for filling up the application. The form should be filled in all respect and no column should be left blank.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Along with the application form an ID and address proof has to be submitted at the aadhar card center.
  • When it comes to the ID and address proof the UIDAI has made it clear that only a few documents like voter card, PAN card, passport, bank pass book, credit card statement will be considered as ID proof.
  • For your convenience here we are presenting a list of document (approved by UIDAI) which can be used as ID and address proof.

  • Submit the application along with the supporting documents from the above mentioned list and get the enrollment number from the operator.

Booking an appointment:

  • Due to heavy demand for the Aadhar card, many people come to the Aadhar card center to submit their application. This can make you stand in the queue for a long time.
  • In order to avoid the delay and rush, you can book a prior appointment so that you don’t need to stand in the long term.
  • Yes, you can book the appointment in the below link.

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  1. I m working at kerala but my native village is mandi tehsil .mandi distt poonch j&k. I hv my EV no. With me please suggest me hw cn i apply fr my aadhaar card here so dat i dnt hv to go to j&k for this purpose.plz do intimate me in this regard.

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