What are the steps to fill aadhar card application form

Steps Involved for Filling Aadhar Card Application Form:

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Aadhaar Card is an activity by the Union government that means to give an ID report to every inhabitant of the nation. It is accessible to both Indians and nonnatives living in India, and to people of any age or sexual orientation. Aadhaar Card, or Unique Identification (UID) card, is one of the key Proof of Identity and Proof of Address report acknowledged by banks for opening records, credits or stores. It is likewise a vital archive under banks’ Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. The Aadhaar Card is additionally important to acquire advantages under government plans, for example, LPG appropriation.

Applying for an Aadhaar Card

The principal thing you have to do to apply for an Aadhaar Card is to fill its application structure. The Aadhaar Enrollment/Correction Form is accessible online on the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) site. You can likewise get an enrollment structure from your neighborhood Aadhaar focus. You need to present the enrollment structure alongside the required reports – proof of character, location proof, proof of living arrangement and date of birth proof – to the Aadhaar focus.

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Aadhaar Enrollment Structure:

The Aadhaar application structure is a two-page report, with one page containing the spaces to fill in your subtle elements, and the second page containing guidelines to be taken after while topping off the structure. The structure has 11 fields to be filled before accommodation, however every one of them are not required.

The same structure is substantial for both new Aadhaar application and for overhauling or adjusting Aadhaar points of interest. At the point when applying for changes to a current Aadhaar Card, you have to fill in your 12-digit Aadhaar number at the highest point of the structure where space is given. For whatever is left of the report, you have to fill in just the subtle elements where amendments are required.

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Things to recall:

Before you start to fill in the Aadhaar enrollment structure, there are two or three things to note, to guarantee that your structure is legitimate.

  • Capital letters just: The Aadhaar enrollment frame should be topped off in capital letters, or capitalized letters, as it were. Capital letters are proposed in light of the fact that they are greater, less demanding to perceive, and less inclined to complex contrasts among penmanship styles. This will lessen the quantity of errors made by the Aadhaar focus staff while inputting your information into the framework.
  • Write legibly: Do not make an inky wreckage on the enrollment structure. On the off chance that your composed data is not meaningful to the official at the Aadhaar focus, there could be missteps on your card. You will then need to experience the methodology of applying for redresses and defer the entire procedure of securing a legitimate Aadhaar card.
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Making the aadhaar card print Easily

Making the aadhaar card print Easily

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The 12-digit unique number government recognizable proof is not necessary to have, but rather it serves as a personality proof on most structures that you’ll fill, and some administration organizations additionally require the Aadhaar nowadays. It is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India in the interest of the Indian government.

The fortunate thing about Aadhaar is that not at all like some other personality cards, its computerized duplicate, downloaded from the UIDAI site, is as substantial as the first card. So whether you’ve lost your card and need another one, or simply needed to get an advanced duplicate of the card to submit with a structure on the web, the official site has you secured.

Selecting for Aadhaar is free as is the procedure to get a computerized copy; simply take after the progressions beneath and you’re finished.

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Getting your UID number:

To download a duplicate of the Aadhaar card, you have to know your UID number or your Enrollment ID. On the off chance that you’ve gotten your Aadhaar effectively, then it’s for the most part a smart thought to note down the number some place. On the off chance that you’ve lost the Aadhaar, then search for the enrollment structure to check your Enrollment ID. In the event that you don’t have either, then you have to gaze this number upward first. This is what you have to do:

  1. Go to the UIDAI site.
  2. Make beyond any doubt that Aadhaar No (UID) is chosen from the two choices close to the highest point of the screen.
  3. Type in your full name, as imprinted on the Aadhaar card.
  4. Type either the email address or telephone number that you used to enlist for Aadhaar.
  5. Enter the characters you find in the picture above Enter the Security Code.
  6. Click Get OTP.
  7. A one-time secret word will be sent to your email address or telephone number, whichever you entered in the structure. Enter this secret key in the structure by Enter OTP.
  8. Click Verify OTP.
  9. Now you’ll get your Aadhaar number on through SMS or email.
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Getting your Aadhaar card:

When you have the UID number, you can utilize it to download a duplicate of your Aadhaar card. This part is additionally basic:

  1. Head to the e-Aadhaar page on the UIDAI site.
  2. Select Aadhaar alongside I have.
  3. Enter your Aadhaar number, full name and the PIN code of your private location.
  4. Key in the characters in the picture in the field Enter above Image Text.
  5. Click Get One Time Password.
  6. This one-time secret key will be sent to your telephone number in the event that you click Confirm in the pop-up. Then again, you might click Cancel and have it sent to your email address.
  7. Enter the secret key you got into the structure alongside Enter OTP.
  8. Click Validate and Download.
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Presently your Aadhaar card will be downloaded in a secret key ensured PDF record. The watchword is the just the PIN code of your private location. You can now print this record, and it is a completely substantial Aadhaar card. Fill us in regarding whether this instructional exercise helped through the remarks. For more instructional exercises, head to our How To area.

How to Take the aadhar card appointment

How to Take the aadhar card appointment

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If it happens that you are sufficiently occupied that you don’t have sufficient energy to sit tight for your swing to want your aadhaar card enrollment method to be begun, there is a choice which can help you. One of a kind Identification Authority of India has as of now begun the office of development reserving for your arrangement keeping in mind the end goal to begin the enrollment method.

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If it happens that the usage of online arrangement is effective, then the administration is speculation to begin the online arrangement framework in different conditions of India too. For the time being, UIDAI has begun the online arrangement framework in Delhi, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh Kerala, , Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Aside from the office to make arrangements for aadhaar enrollments, individuals can wipe out or re plan their arrangements according to their straightforwardness.

If it happens that you wish to make an arrangement for aadhaar enrollment, you have to top off an online enlistment structure which will convey your points of interest like email id, contact number, state, city, whether living in rustic or urban zone, the closest enrollment focus to your place, suitable date and time you wish for the enrollment. At max, just four individuals can affirm for their arrangement. After you have filled every one of the subtle elements asked on the structure, simply tap on “Fix Appointment” catch so that your arrangement is affirmed.

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To book For Online Appointment: – http://appointments.uidai.gov.in/

To Reschedule or Cancel Your Appointment: –


After you have presented your application for aadhaar enrollment you will get arrangement slip which will have your token number and points of interest of calendar for your aadhaar card enrollment. The arrangement slip which you get will contain enrollment focus points of interest, enrollment date and time, arrangement altered for number of individuals, recorders name and the contact subtle elements of the individual you ought to contact at enrollment focus. Subsequent to checking every one of the subtle elements, take the print out of the arrangement slip and convey it with you to the enrollment focus. Alongside the slip you have to convey certain archives with you which can check your date of birth, character, house address. Different records that you have to convey with you at the enrollment focus are said on the arrangement slip. In the event that you need to re plan your arrangement or cross out it, you can do that according to your benefit.

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How to link the Aadhar with LPG connection

How to link the Aadhar with LPG connection

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Today the Aadhar card can be linked to the LPG connection for the gas companies like HP Gas, Bharat Gas and Indane and the whole process can be carried on with the help of the internet. It should be noted by the people that for every company that provides the LPG Gas connection, the process remains the same.

Linking the Aadhar card with the LPG Gas connection

For understanding the whole process of linking the Aadhar card and the LPG connection, one will have to visit the official page of the Online Aadhar Seeding as this helps the people to understand the process in a clearer manner. While starting with the process, one should keep the Aadhar card and the LPG Gas connection book at hand as he will have to enter the details on the online site as and when needed.

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Steps involved in completing the process:

  • One can start with the whole process by click on the button’ Start Now’.
  • Primarily, one will have to enter the details of his location and will then have to select his state and district.
  • The type of benefit is then to be selected and the option of ‘LPG’ is to be selected as the process involves in linking the details of a person’s LPG Gas connection.
  • Then the name of the scheme is to be specified according to the connection of the LPG one has like ‘IOCL’ for the connection of Indane, ‘BPCL’ for the connection of Bharat Gas and ‘IOCL’ for the connection of HP Gas.
  • Then the name of the distributor is to be selected from the given list and immediately after it, one also needs to enter the consumer number for his LPG connection.
  • The email address and the mobile number of the person is to be entered.
  • Finally, one needs to enter his Aadhar card number and click on the button ‘Submit’.
  • An OTP will then be sent to the registered mobile number and email id.
  • The OTP along with the security code is then to be entered and for completing the whole process one will have to click the button ‘Submit’.
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After the registration has been successfully completed, the verification procedure will be completed by the concerned authority and the successful link aadhar with LPG will be confirmed via SMS and an email to the registered mobile number and the email address respectively.

Getting the aadhar card

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Can we complete the registration for the Aadhar Card online?

With the advancement of technology along with the use of internet life today has become much easier than it was a few years back. With the technological developments we can today accomplish a lot of tasks by just sitting back at home-like paying the electric and telephone bills or buying or selling things with just a single click. The Government of India and the UIDAI has provided the people of India with a facility to have the appointment for applying for the Aadhar cards in the enrollment centers. The registration for the Aadhar cards can also be done through the online mode http://uidai.gov.in/how-to-enroll.html.

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How to apply for the Aadhar card online

According to the Government of India, the citizens of India have been provided with different legal documents which can acts as the identity proof of the Indians like the Voter ID card, PAN Card and the Ration Card. The Aadhar Card is considered to be a unique code for the identification for the Indians and was introduced in the year 2009 in the month of January. The main objective of the Aadhar Card is to provide equal advantages and opportunities to all the residents of India. One should note that an individual can only have the appointment date and select a particular enrollment center if he applies online. One should be present at the enrollment center of the Aadhar Card for both online and offline mode.

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How to get the Aadhar Card?

The enrollment for the Aadhar Card is done free of cost for every Indian citizen. After the biometric and the demographic details of the citizens are taken along with the address proof and the identity proof from the enrollment center, each of them are provided with an acknowledgement slip which has the enrollment number in it. This number should be kept in a secured place as it will be needed in the future processes in getting the aadhar card. Now, one can download the electronic version of the Aadhar Card. The e-aadhar is an alternative to the original aadhar letter which comes to the aadhar registered individuals by post and gets delivered to the registered address. The e-aadhar can be downloaded from the online sites by providing the unique enrollment number. One can also get the aadhar on his mobile. For getting the aadhar card on mobile one should be having the enrollment number given at the time of enrollment along with the registered mobile number as the aadhar card will only get delivered on the registered mobile number which was given by the individual at the time of enrollment. One can also check the status of his aadhar card. If he has already registered and enrolled himself for the aadhar card then he can have a look whether his aadhar card has been generated or not. It should be noted that one will not be able to apply for the aadhar card online. He can only have an appointment for his enrollment along with the selection of the enrollment center.

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Documents required for getting the aadhar card

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What is to be carried along with the application form of the Aadhar Card?

For the application of the aadhar card, it is extremely important to submit a few documents which reveal the total identity of an individual along with the proof that he is a resident of India. Hence, according the rules of the UIDAI, the applicants must carry all the necessary documents with them while they go to the enrollment centers for the registration of the aadhar cards. For the application of the aadhar card, the applicant must carry one address proof along with an identity proof with him. For the minors who want to register themselves for the aadhar card with the documents of their parents, they must take a documental proof for the relation along with them. For the application of the aadhar card, the documents that is valid-

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What are the documents that are required for identity proof, address proof and date of birth?

For the application of the aadhar card, the documents that is valid-

For identity proof

  • Any photo id cards issued by the government
  • Any photo id which is recognized by any educational institution
  • Credit card
  • ATM card
  • Kissan photo passbook
  • Photo card of pensioner
  • CGHS or ECHS photo card
  • An address card which has the photo and name issued by the department
  • Certificate of identity issued by any Gazetted Officer which has photos in it
  • Medical certificate for handicapped people which is issued by the State or the Union Government

Documents for Address Proof

  • Photo id cards issued by the government
  • Passbook
  • Electricity bill
  • Voter id card
  • Ration card
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Driving license
  • Statement of credit card
  • Water bill
  • Bill for gas connection
  • Receipy for property tax
  • Bill for telephone landline
  • Insurance policy
  • Passport of spouse
  • Pensioner card
  • Parents passport
  • Lease
  • Registered sale
  • Order for income tax assessment
  • Letterhead
  • Rent agreement
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Documents for the proof of Date of Birth

  • Birth certificate
  • Passport
  • Date of birth on letter head as issued by the Gazetted Officer
  • PDS Card
  • Medical card of ESIC
  • Certificate or book of SSLC
  • Pension card
  • Documents with entitlement of family as issued by the state government

Other details to be noted while submissions of the application form

The photocopies of all the documents should be attested by a Gazetted Officer. Along with these documents the biometric and the demographic details of the individual are taken at the enrollment centers for the Aadhar Cards. After the details have been taken along with the identity and age proof the people are given an enrollment slip which is extremely important and they should be kept in a safe place with due care. The enrollment slip has a unique enrollment number which is to be produced at the time of collecting the Aadhar card. This enrollment number is extremely useful for downloading the e-aadhar with the help of the online mode or for getting the aadhar on the registered mobile number. The enrollment number is also needed for checking the status of the aadhar card online. It is extremely important to have aadhar card for the people of India as it can provide the people with many advantages.

Different benefits that one can get from Aadhar Card

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Why is Aadhar Card important?

The Aadhar card is issued after taking the biometric details of an individual residing in India. Hence, with the issue and use of the Aadhar Card it will be possible to eliminate all the fraudulent activities in the country. It serves as the authentication of an individual all throughout the country anytime and anywhere. It is considered to be the most important source for the verification of an individual’s identity or with the help of it one can prove his own identity anywhere inside the country.

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What are the places where it can be used?

The Aadhar Card can be used at various places like

It also helps the poorer section of the Indian society to avail the different facilities that are provided by the Government of India.

What are the different benefits which can be availed through the Aadhar Card?

  • With the help of the unique identification number which is of 12 digits, one will be able to directly get the amount of the LPG subsidy to his bank account.
  • It is also used for the implementation of the Jan Dhan Yojna. For opening a bank account the PMJDY accepta the Aadhar card number.
  • One will be able to get the passport within 10 days from the date of submission of the application form if he is an Aadhar card holder.
  • With the help of the Aadhar card one can also use the Digi Locker where one can store his entire professional and personal documents on the government’s server.but one should also note that to gain access to the Digi Locker, one will have to provide the 12 digit number of the Aadhar card.
  • The UIDAI number of the Aadhar card can be linked to that of the voterID of an individual. This is widely in use today to reduce the number of ingenuine voters.
  • The pensioners from the different states of India should get their Aadhar cards registered so that they can receive their pensions on a monthly basis. The registering of the Aadhar cards for pension will also eliminate the frauds who request for the pensions from the Government of India.
  • For opening a new account in the bank, the Aadhar letter has become a valid proof which is accepted by all the banks today. Hence, an aadhar card holder can now open a new bank account without any difficulty.
  • The SEBI also uses it as an identity proof nowadays.
  • It is also valid in the different employment schemes put forward by the Government of India.
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Why it is important to have the Aadhar Card?

Hence, if we consider all the factors mentioned above, we will be able to understand that it is a must for all the citizens of India to have the Aadhar card as it may be needed in future for availing one or more schemes of the government. For the ones who yet do not have the Aadhar card, they should hurry up to apply for it.

Download the duplicate Aadhar card online

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How to download the duplicate copy of the Aadhar Card?

The most important thing that one should look for in his/her Aadhar Card is the unique ID number as it is extremely important for downloading the duplicate copy of the Aadhar card either through the online mode or the offline mode. Many a times, the people do not have neither the number of the aadhar card nor the acknowledgement slip. For downloading a duplicate copy of the Aadhar Card one should have the Enrollment Slip along with the Aadhar Card number. For downloading the duplicate Aadhar Card without the enrollment slip, one will first have to talk to the authorized delegates of the UIDAI and they will provide the needed support to the person by sending the duplicate Aadhar card to his postal address.

Although the process of getting a duplicate Aadhar Card can be a bit tricky online but one can set a framework to have it.

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Steps to download the duplicate Aadhar Card through the online mode

Downloading the duplicate Aadhar Card online requires the unique UID of an individual as it is extremely important for continuing the whole process of downloading the duplicate copy of the Aadhar card online. If an individual has misplaced that he has the option of recovering the Aadhar UID online. For applying and downloading the duplicate Aadhar Card online one will have to

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  • First visit the official portal for the Aadhar Card- https://eaadahar.uidai.gov.in/
  • Once the page is loaded, one will have to select the Enrollment ID
  • One can either select the enrollment number or the Aadhar card number according to the one he has
  • One will have to either the enrollment or the Aadhar card number in the space that is provided for the one he has selected.
  • He will also have to enter his full name along with the pincode of the area to which he belongs
  • The captcha code is to be entered for the security purposes. In this one will have to enter the digits that is provided in form of an image on the screen
  • One will have to then enter his mobile number through which the One Time Password can be generated.
  • The OTP will be then sent to the mobile number that has been registered.
  • Now enter the OTP on the screen which had been sent to the registered mobile number
  • Now select the button ‘Validate & Download’ and click on it
  • Now the duplicate Aadhar Card of the individual will be downloaded in his system in the pdf format
  • The file downloaded is protected with a password. Hence, one will have to enter the zip code in the form of password for unlocking the whole file.
  • One can then take the printout of his duplicate Aadhar Card.
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Importance of the e-Aadhar

The downloaded e-Aadhar card will act as the duplicate copy of the original Aadhar Card. In most of the cases the duplicate copy of the Aadhar card will serve the purpose. The e-aadhar is the actual duplicate copy of the original one. The e-aadhar can also be downloaded to the mobile.

Check Aadhar card Enrollment Status

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  • Once you have submitted the Aadhar card application along with the necessary documents at the Aadhar card center, generally it will take 3 months to get your final card.
  • However prior to the 3 month you can check the status of your aadhar card and here we will illustrate you to check the status of your aadhar card.

Procedure to know the status:

  • Once you submit the document and all the procedure is over, you will be given an enrollment number for your Aadhar card.
  • The enrollment card is very important and you must keep it safe till you get your final card.
  • The enrollment number is nothing but a slip to acknowledge that you have submitted your application for the Aadhar card center.
  • The enrollment slip contains a 14 digits number called as EID (Temporary enrollment).
  • Based on the EID you can track the status of your aadhar card.
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  1. Login to https://resident.uidai.net.in/check-aadhaar-status

2.Once you login to the above mentioned url, it will take you to a page where you have to enter your EID date and time of submission.

  1. The date and time of submission is nothing but the date and time where your application has been received and acknowledge by the operator.

4.The EID is a combination of 14 digits in the format of 1234/12345/12345. Generally the EID number will be mentioned at the enrolment slip.

5.Next comes the date and time, which you have to punch in the system.

5.Come down the page, where you have to enter the security code displayed in the box.

6.If you are unable to read the security code, you can refresh the code so as to get a new code.

7.Finally click on the “Check status” option.

8.If all the formalities has been completed by the aadhar authority, you will get a message on the screen that “Congratulation, you Aadhar card has been generated and you will receive it shortly”.

Wait for the delivery of the card, else you can take a print out of the card also.

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link your Aadhar card with your voter card / LPG Subsidy /Bank Account

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  • All we are pretty aware that the Aadhar card will privilege us a lot of benefits like Direct benefit transfer in our LPG subsidy and many more. However in order to avail the benefits we need to link our Aadhar card number with our bank a/c for the purpose of subsidy.
  • Yes, we can also link our Aadhar card with our voter card as well.
  • As on today’s date we can link our Aadhra card to the bank a/c, LPG a/c, voter card. Scholarship account, pension a/c and set top box as well.
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Linking Aadhar card to Bank account:

  • We used to link our Aadhar card to our bank a/c in order to get the LPG subsidy. If you have not linked your Aadhar card to the bank A/c, here is a guide for you to link the Aadhar number to your bank a/c.
  • There exists many ways to link the Aadhar number. You can do the same by internet banking service of your respective bank, visiting the premises of a bank or by sending SMS.
  • As far as internet banking is concerned, it is the easiest and user friendly way to link your Aadhar number to your a/c. You don’t need to visit the premises of the bank and stand in the never ending queue.
  • All you need to do is to login to your internet banking and in the main screen you will get a drop down called “Link your Aadhar”. Click on the link, put your aadhar number and authorize the transaction.
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  • All most all the banks have the facility to link the Aadhar card to the bank a/c.

1  1)      Visiting the Premises of bank: If you don’t have the facility of internet banking, you have to visit to your nearest branch with a copy of the Aadhar card. The banker will give you a form, fill the form in all respect and submit the form with a copy of the Aadhar card so that your Aadhar number will be linked.

2  2)      Sending SMS: Again many people don’t opt this option to link the Aadhar number. Under this category you have to send a SMS to 51969 mentioning your Aadhar card, programme ID and state name.

Linking Aadhar card to Voter card:

  • The basic aim behind the move is to stop the circulation of fake voter card. One voter card is equals to one Aadhar card, i.e a person can’t hold more than one voter card.
  • Hence the government has taken step forwarded to link the Aadhar card with the voter card.
  • Again the process of linking the Aadhar number to voter card can be done  online, sending SMS, through call center and offline as well.
  • When it comes to online, http://www.nvsp.in/ will serve your purpose. Log in to the site and under the “Feedback column” you can link your Aadhar number to your voter card.
  • Also by sending a SMS to 166 or 51969 (With your Aadhar number followed by voter card number separated by camma)
  • For offline mode, you have to collect a form for the linking of Aadhar card to voter card from the BDO or ERO or AERO or DEO. Submit the filled form along with a copy of Aadhar card and voter card the authority, your purpose will be solved.