Different benefits that one can get from Aadhar Card

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Why is Aadhar Card important?

The Aadhar card is issued after taking the biometric details of an individual residing in India. Hence, with the issue and use of the Aadhar Card it will be possible to eliminate all the fraudulent activities in the country. It serves as the authentication of an individual all throughout the country anytime and anywhere. It is considered to be the most important source for the verification of an individual’s identity or with the help of it one can prove his own identity anywhere inside the country.

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What are the places where it can be used?

The Aadhar Card can be used at various places like

It also helps the poorer section of the Indian society to avail the different facilities that are provided by the Government of India.

What are the different benefits which can be availed through the Aadhar Card?

  • With the help of the unique identification number which is of 12 digits, one will be able to directly get the amount of the LPG subsidy to his bank account.
  • It is also used for the implementation of the Jan Dhan Yojna. For opening a bank account the PMJDY accepta the Aadhar card number.
  • One will be able to get the passport within 10 days from the date of submission of the application form if he is an Aadhar card holder.
  • With the help of the Aadhar card one can also use the Digi Locker where one can store his entire professional and personal documents on the government’s server.but one should also note that to gain access to the Digi Locker, one will have to provide the 12 digit number of the Aadhar card.
  • The UIDAI number of the Aadhar card can be linked to that of the voterID of an individual. This is widely in use today to reduce the number of ingenuine voters.
  • The pensioners from the different states of India should get their Aadhar cards registered so that they can receive their pensions on a monthly basis. The registering of the Aadhar cards for pension will also eliminate the frauds who request for the pensions from the Government of India.
  • For opening a new account in the bank, the Aadhar letter has become a valid proof which is accepted by all the banks today. Hence, an aadhar card holder can now open a new bank account without any difficulty.
  • The SEBI also uses it as an identity proof nowadays.
  • It is also valid in the different employment schemes put forward by the Government of India.
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Why it is important to have the Aadhar Card?

Hence, if we consider all the factors mentioned above, we will be able to understand that it is a must for all the citizens of India to have the Aadhar card as it may be needed in future for availing one or more schemes of the government. For the ones who yet do not have the Aadhar card, they should hurry up to apply for it.

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