link your Aadhar card with your voter card / LPG Subsidy /Bank Account

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  • All we are pretty aware that the Aadhar card will privilege us a lot of benefits like Direct benefit transfer in our LPG subsidy and many more. However in order to avail the benefits we need to link our Aadhar card number with our bank a/c for the purpose of subsidy.
  • Yes, we can also link our Aadhar card with our voter card as well.
  • As on today’s date we can link our Aadhra card to the bank a/c, LPG a/c, voter card. Scholarship account, pension a/c and set top box as well.
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Linking Aadhar card to Bank account:

  • We used to link our Aadhar card to our bank a/c in order to get the LPG subsidy. If you have not linked your Aadhar card to the bank A/c, here is a guide for you to link the Aadhar number to your bank a/c.
  • There exists many ways to link the Aadhar number. You can do the same by internet banking service of your respective bank, visiting the premises of a bank or by sending SMS.
  • As far as internet banking is concerned, it is the easiest and user friendly way to link your Aadhar number to your a/c. You don’t need to visit the premises of the bank and stand in the never ending queue.
  • All you need to do is to login to your internet banking and in the main screen you will get a drop down called “Link your Aadhar”. Click on the link, put your aadhar number and authorize the transaction.
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  • All most all the banks have the facility to link the Aadhar card to the bank a/c.

1  1)      Visiting the Premises of bank: If you don’t have the facility of internet banking, you have to visit to your nearest branch with a copy of the Aadhar card. The banker will give you a form, fill the form in all respect and submit the form with a copy of the Aadhar card so that your Aadhar number will be linked.

2  2)      Sending SMS: Again many people don’t opt this option to link the Aadhar number. Under this category you have to send a SMS to 51969 mentioning your Aadhar card, programme ID and state name.

Linking Aadhar card to Voter card:

  • The basic aim behind the move is to stop the circulation of fake voter card. One voter card is equals to one Aadhar card, i.e a person can’t hold more than one voter card.
  • Hence the government has taken step forwarded to link the Aadhar card with the voter card.
  • Again the process of linking the Aadhar number to voter card can be done  online, sending SMS, through call center and offline as well.
  • When it comes to online, will serve your purpose. Log in to the site and under the “Feedback column” you can link your Aadhar number to your voter card.
  • Also by sending a SMS to 166 or 51969 (With your Aadhar number followed by voter card number separated by camma)
  • For offline mode, you have to collect a form for the linking of Aadhar card to voter card from the BDO or ERO or AERO or DEO. Submit the filled form along with a copy of Aadhar card and voter card the authority, your purpose will be solved.

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